To teach a new way of thinking, so people can build their own success, every day.

That is our purpose.


The Community


Let our founder tell the story


"agro+lean was born from a collective desire to make people the protagonists of their own business transformation, building things that they and others are proud of.
Businesses in which continued improvement is pursued by everyone, everyday, everywhere - as lean philosophy states. Although it is based on the MDA Management model, developed specifically for agribusiness, the result of this movement goes far beyond the performance of farms. This is because it depends on the will of each individual to face challenges, change their own mentality, define their own purpose, engage others and make a difference. It changes culture. It gives meaning to our job. It transforms lives." 

Prof. Paulo Fernando Machado

Our actions

We believe people have the power to transform. Therefore, our community focus on
developing leaders and teams capable of building successful businesses. We also
work to make connections within our community - people willing to share
knowledge and experiences, for the greater good.


Training program

Learn about our journey of continuous improvement focused on agricultural
businesses and the MDA management model. Your destiny is one: success. 


Annual Event

ago+lean: the event that  started this movement. Here, we bring people together to talk about challenges and  achievements in farm  management.


Strategic projects

To develop teams, we integrate lean philosophy into everyday farm routine. The challenge is to change the culture.



Content that inspires

Written by the founder of our community professor Paulo Machado, the book "Sucesso no Leite" presents the foundations of the MDA management model and invites readers to begin their transformation journey.


It's happening

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