About agro+lean

Everything started after people began to implement what they had learned from the MDA training program, where a model developed by Prof. Paulo Machado (specifically for farm business) was taught. Agro + Lean became a community of people, formed by companies and institutions from different regions of Brazil with the same objective: to improve the management of farm business and, consequently, the results and the quality of life to those involved.

To be part of this movement, you simply have to share our ideal: success is built with people, every day. 

Lean is about eliminating waste and about continuous improvement, by approaching everything you do with an eye toward making things simpler.
— Paul Akers

Where did we find our inspiration?

The MDA management model is a singular way of applying “lean” thinking to agriculture, and has been successfully applied on hundreds of farms.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to engage in agro+lean:

1. Learn about lean management and make a difference in your business:

- Attend an MDA Training Program;
- Read the articles on our blog;
- Read the book "Sucesso no Leite";
- Attend the annual event.


2. Spread the word and make a difference in your own life:

- Share our articles and actions with your networks;
- Practice the MDA principles and invite others to visit your farm.



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